Install guide formapp

Quick install

Before you install formapp you need: Instructions:
  1. Copy *.gif, formapp.php and libphpdbform.php to a web directory.
  2. Run the initforms.sql script in the mysql database
  3. Start a web browser and check if you see an empty page.
You will see an empty page because there are no forms in the database.

Installing the demo

Run the demo.sql script in the database. This creates two tables. After that you can search, update and insert into the demo forms.

Installing the admin forms

Run the adminforms.sql script in the database. This creates four forms.
Option fields
Global options for the formapp application
The users
The users which are using formapp. This table is automaticaly updated if you use external authendication
The forms
Definition of the forms in the database
The fields
Definition of the fields in the forms
The admin tables are accesable through "admin.php".

The options


The way users are authenticated.
There is no authentication
There is an .htaccess file. The user name is automaticaly inserted in the user list.
The user is authenticated by a password in the user list (not implemented)
The user is authenticated by the database (not implemented)


Lokation of the images. This ca be empty if the images are in the same lokation as formapp.php.


The formapp aplication wil output a lot of html comment if the debug level is higher then 0. For production applications this should be 0.